About – David Thacker

Welcome, so this is a personal web space it is mostly a mish mash of anything and everything that interests me, my views and opinions.

Oh and that is me^^^

So maybe you are wanting to know a little bit more about me.

Past times

I have a variety of interest from restoring classic cars to playing with the latest consumer technology products and also collecting tools from around the world.

Classic Cars

I love anything that has wheels and a motor, my pastimes involve repairing and restoring classic cars specifically Alfa Romeos. As I enjoy collecting tools I can combine this with using most of them when working on my cars.

Technology & Gadgets

Playing with Gadgets and technology products is always a lot of fun especially when there are endless configuration options and knobs to twiddle. But beyond that is a technology product that can make my life better or easier in anyway I am 100% for it. But the product must work as expected if it crashes repeatedly or performs below expectations I dont have time for it.

Marketing and Business Automation Tool Sets

Within my position at Integral GmbH, I am currently responsible for

— Product Owner for Business Operations

— Data Protection Officer